The first part of ancient trilogy

The story of Oedipus Tyranus takes us to Ancient Greece and the city of Thebes where our mythical hero (Jan Touzimsky) has ruled as the King for long years. However, now his position is threatened as the city is facing another attack of the plague.  He turns to the mighty Gods for help. They point their fingers at the city and reveal that incest and the unsolved murder of the King Laius, who was Oedipus’s predecessor, are to blame for this latest curse.  

It's Oedipus himself who determines the sentence for the murderer of the King: "Exile!" and his investigations commence. His fate then, step by step, reveals itself to Oedipus in its whole monstrosity and cruelty. With the aim to avoid the evil prophecy, our main character finds out that he, unknowingly, returned to the city of his birth. Years earlier, following a heated argument in front of the city gates, he had killed a man there, unaware that it was his father, the King Laius. Out of Laius' company, only an old shepherd survived the bloodshed. He recognized Oedipus then but bound by fear he had remained silent for all those years.
On the way, Oedipus managed to solve a difficult riddle given to passers-by by a Sphinx for which he’d been given a reward - become the King of Thebes. Oedipus was also given the right to marry Iokaste, the late King's widow, by which he, yet again unknowingly, married his own mother. He fathered her four children - daughters Antigone and Ismene and sons Polynices and Eteocles.

The painful truth would have remained hidden had it not been for Oedipus' angry outburst. Creon, Oedipus' brother-in-law is sent to Delphi to seek counsel and advice from the all-knowing prophet Tiresias. The prophet seems to know the truth but wishes to remain silent and instead sends a message to Oedipus to abandon his search for the King's murderer. Enraged, Oedipus accuses Creon and Tiresias of treason and conspiracy and forces them to reveal the truth. A Corinthian messenger later comes forth to confirm that Oedipus is indeed the adopted son of his master, who, years ago saved him as an abandoned baby.

The desire to help his own people along with his fiery nature turn against Oedipus and the fact that he is to blame for incest and patricide is revealed. Our hero dramatically turns his hand against himself and gouges his own eyes out, disappearing in exile. While fleeing, he's being chased away from all the places he sets his foot in. Finally he settles in an oil-tree grove in Colonus near Athens and spends the rest of his life there..... But that's another story, a metal opera called Seven against Thebes to be precise - so come and see it as a sequel to this one and follow the fate of our unlucky hero.

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Foto: Hana Brožková
Oidipus Tyranus in the TV
Česká televize (2011)
  1. Chci pravdu (videoklip, 2010)
    Kamil Střihavka, Jan Toužimský, Viktor Dyk a další
  2. Křest 2CD (2011)
    Kmotr Michal Pavlíček