The story of the rock opera Antigone rising from the depths of the mysterious ancient brings two basic story lines - the theme of generational rebellion and literally the theme of love beyond the grave.

Two brothers, successors to the throne, are killing each other in a fratricidal duel. Creon (Viktor Dyk),  their uncle that had seized power and control of the government, exploits this situation.  In an atmosphere of fear and the starting reign of terror, he is opposed by Antigone (Žántí)    
She defies senseless orders and family tradition,  rejects the role of an obedient female and a wife, resolutely and defiantly defends her right to decide freely for herself and about her actions. As a strong and charismatic personality, she brings to her side Creon's son, Haemon, who falls in love with her and chooses fight and death rather than dishonor and defeat and life without freedom. Of course, neither Creon comes out of the story as the absolute winner. Even though he wins and keeps his power, he is abandoned and alone. His government is collapsing and the empire is crumbling, the spirit of rebellion is stronger than the old traditions.
Characters and situations are timeless for sharing which is the purpose of the work and the reason for its creation and the path to the viewer's understanding and harmony.

Libretto Antigone is divided into three acts. The first act shows the progress of events starting with the fight between Oedipus' sons Eteocles and Polynices for the power in Thebes and ending with Creon's verdict on banning a burial of "a stranger" Polynices. The second one begins with the Antigone's revolt against the above verdict, her decision not to listen to Creon, and disrespect of him in the role of self-appointed ruler. It then ends with the revelation of her crime - Polynices' burial. The third act involves the trial of Antigone, her punishment and its consequences.


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Foto: Hana Brožková
  1. Slzy nedojmou (videoklip, 2006)
    Viktor Dyk a Eva Urbanová na koncertní premiéře v Kongresovém centru Praha
  2. Poslední cesta (videoklip, 2009)
    Jan Toužimský, Bára Zemanová
  3. Božská píseň (videoklip, 2010)
    Sestřih představení z RockOpery Praha
  4. Předehra (animace, 2008)
  5. Události v Kultuře (ČT24, 2008)